Welcome to All Four Estates, a Brisbane based website determined to publish accessible political content through a team of contributors from all over Australia.

A honest perspective on Australian politics

Tired of not knowing the hidden motives behind those who write your news? In this digital age you, the reader, are becoming more and more distant from those who intend to control your politics. Given opinions paraded as facts, you will often find yourself embracing what has been written – accurate or otherwise.

Our Vision and Mission

At All Four Estates we will give perspectives. Not assuming authority, we accept that what is being written is simply the opinion of a contributor with an interest and insight in politics, which is all ANY political correspondent can offer.

We will try our best to offer options. For any article, covering any subject, we want to be able to provoke some thought by providing at least one other article. Whether it’s concerns state politics or human rights, we want you to build your own opinion after considering our articles.